Why Is The Garden So Important?

We have to understand that Jesus’ Prayer that night – most likely spoken aloud because He wouldn’t have had that location all to Himself – Jesus wasn’t praying for God to take away the horrible crucifixion that awaited Him. He was having an intimate conversation with His Father, to find out what the perfect Will of God was, and then use that strength He found in the answer to help Him cope with the inevitable, unavoidable death that would come just a few short hours afterward.   In the garden, Jesus wasn’t focussing on Himself, He was focussing on the Will of His Father because He knew that God had a master plan in the midst of the horrific circumstances.

When we pray to God – expecting that He will answer – often times at the most crucial, most pivotal point in our lives – when we’ve reached the end of ourselves in trying to resolve what we know in our heart we cannot, God sends angels that we entertain unaware that bring God’s perfect plan into view.  And when we see some of those answers, knowing they are by Divine Intervention and nothing we could do on our own, it builds our resolve, it puts another block on the foundation of our faith, and somehow, we gather strength to help endure.

God always answers prayer. Always. Sometimes that answer is “yes”, sometimes that answer is “not yet”, and sometimes that answer is, “I have something better”.  Sometimes God answers with silence, to test our patience, to test our resolve. Will we throw a tantrum after a short time when we don’t get our way? Will we leave Him, like a spoiled child, stomping our feet on our way out of His Presence?  Or will we TRUST God and walk by faith, continue our conversation with Him, just like a small child who enthusiastically tugs on the pant legs of their father, hoping to get his attention – even when we know he’s attending to other matters?

  1. Call Upon Me Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 0:39
  2. Dance Before Me Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 1:18
  3. Forget ME Not Child Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 1:14
  4. Holy Fire Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 1:40
  5. I Am Here Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 1:44
  6. I Will Be Faithful Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 2:21
  7. Lattices Of Life Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 1:54
  8. My Precious Pearl Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 2:18
  9. You Are My Masterpiece Cynthia Buchholz (Rahn) 1:34
  10. Amazing Grace Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 0:50
  11. Dear Mary Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 2:10
  12. Joy Unceasing - Surviving Death Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 3:39
  13. Rest Secure Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 3:38
  14. The Door Of Hope Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 1:24
  15. Shelter From The Storm Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 1:43
  16. Message From The Author Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 0:46

There are 3 keys to answered prayer:  FAITH - HOPE - LOVE.

FAITH - believing that GOD IS, and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him; HOPE - trust in His character, His Mercy, and His strength to perform that which we know is impossible in our own power; and LOVE - the same unconditional, patient, agape, undying, inexplicable Love He extends toward us is the same love we should have toward God.  

No matter what things look like in reality, God STILL holds us in the hollow of His Hand. He will use that time to form us, take out all the dents and dings in our armour, and polish us to His Perfection. We need to be mindful of that image every time we encounter the difficult times, because there will be plenty, and we need to maintain an attitude of gratitude in whatever comes... whenever it comes. There will be tears, sometimes enough to fill an ocean, but God will save every one of them.

God is the Author and Finisher of our faith and the enemy comes to rob, steal and destroy it.  We need to maintain focus and follow after the One Who prepared the way.  We need to focus our eleventh hour prayers on the Perfect Will of GOD, not on our circumstances, and pray His Will be done. It's all about surrender.  We need to cast down our own imaginations, whatever nightmares the enemy throws at us, and bring those thoughts captive to GOD's promises.   Just like Jesus did in the Garden, just like He did in the desert when He was tempted to throw in the towel and skip out the easy way.

There is a price for answered prayer. It requires surrender - surrending your mind, your will, your emotions, to God - for Him to do with as He wills.  Answered prayer requires you lay down all that is in your life - the good, the bad, and especially the ugly, knowing that when you do, God is able to take your sins, your shortcomings and seeming failures. He will be faithful to cast them as far as the east is from the west.

As you listen to some of my conversations in this book, I hope you will be encouraged, and come to understand that - apart from God being my Father, and my willingness to share -  I'm nothing special, I don't have the corner on prayer. There are days I still feel like a hypocrit for allowing life to overwhelm me ... and then He takes me back to my garden, and we walk through the weeds suffocating the blooms, I yank them out and He tends to the rest.  Sometimes I even plant things that are impossible to grow - apart from Him, - just so I can stand in awe of Him as I watch them bloom before my eyes. And then I feel His heart smile, right along with mine - if only for a moment.   It's important to remember that God is not a respector of persons, what He does for one child - me in this case - He will do for anyone who calls upon His Name.  This book is a little glimpse into my garden. My thoughts and fears surrendered in exchange for The Resurrection and the Life, all of which might've otherwise been nothing but a dream, had I not trusted God to work all things for good - had I not taken His Invitation to tarry with Him in His Garden.  I hope you find them comforting and liberating and that they bring you closer to the One Who created you. 

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wrote on October 11, 2019 at 3:38 pm:
I love the audio files that you have posted. Your voice is very soothing to the soul.
Caleb B.
Caleb B.

from Euless

wrote on August 17, 2017 at 4:40 am:
Very timely and amazing message. Please keep up the great work and never give up on what God has given you stewardship over.