If you've ever questioned God...

Have you ever experienced the goodness of God in a miracle, or what seemed like the miraculous in your life - maybe you've hoped and prayed for something so much that you've exhausted yourself in futility - and then the answer comes.  The joy you experience is inexplicable and then...  out of nowhere fear grips your soul... it comes in like a flood and you are suddenly overwhelmed with dread.  No, you're not crazy, it happens to everyone who chooses to walk and talk with God. It's just the enemy - your adversary, the devil - trying to rob, steal, and destroy the promises of God in your life. The good news is, IF we can recognize him for what he is and what he's up to, and we stand fast to what we know to be true, that adversary will disappear like a puff of smoke in the wind. IF, however, we give him credence... we give him attention... he will drag up every ghost of our past in vivid apparitions that look so real you could almost touch them with your hand. In reality, they are just that - ghosts in apparitions of a past long buried and sealed under the precious Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  

To stand fast, we must know the Word so intimately, we can taste it, we can smell it, and we can touch it. We can pick it up and hurl it toward the one who tries to steal what is rightfully ours.

I hope that when you listen to my stories, you will feel the emanating Presence of God and let Him envelop you in His peace that passes all understanding. My journal entries have brought me through hell and back over the years, and I'm still standing, by the grace of God.

  1. Shelter From The Storm Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 1:43
  2. The Door Of Hope Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 1:24
  3. Rest Secure Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 3:38
  4. Message From The Author Cynthia (Rahn) Buchholz 0:46

Remember, all the battle scars you have acquired to this point - whatever they may be for you - they're all just marks of ownership. God brought you through.

Fear will always try to have it's way, but just like everything else under the Blood of our Beloved Savior, it's already been defeated. Anything we struggle with is just a vain imagination the enemy hurls at us like an arrow that flies by day, or pestilence that stalks the night. The manifestations of fear are very real, nobody is denying that, but they are far better to deal with when you KNOW the One Who defeated it, and you can stand fast in it's midst.

I still refer to my journal everytime I am afraid, because the enemy never stops trying... but God is faithful. Anything He allows to enter your life... sickness, disease, death, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, financial issues... it doesn't matter, God will also equip you with the tools to gain the victory. Stay in that ring ten seconds longer than you're adversary. It's worth it.